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Last year China foreign trade achieve yet fast growth

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Report from our correspondent reporter sun nan reported "of the first quarter of this year the situation is more serious foreign trade, more complex. But if policy right road, are still expected to achieve steady growth of the foreign trade goal."On January 18, the ministry of commerce held a regular press conference, commerce ministry spokesman said ShenDanYang so said.
ShenDanYang said, in 2011, the national business system according to "steady growth, the structure, promote balance" requirement, to do all the work and foreign trade obviously accelerate transformation and upgrading, and realized, nice and fast growth.
"Good" speaking, first is to change the development mode of foreign trade has made outstanding progress.Last year's foreign trade export visible such change: export to the quality of the products, the scale and added value of enhanced, the price is obviously improved.According to customs data analysis of the institute and the ministry of commerce, the main export commodities in China last year the average price of nearly 20% year-on-year increase.In unit price plan, jewelry prices increased by 76%, 29.3% increase of silk, motor and generator is increased by 26%, container increased by 21.7%, the steel products increased by 21.2%, plastic products increased by 17.5%, the bicycle increased by 16%.China's export commodities of the European Union for quality issues are 31% reduction in the number of reported;China's exports to the United States commodity for quality issues are recalled drop nearly 20%.
Next is the foreign trade structure adjustment may see obvious effect.Look from commodity structure, with independent brand, technology and high-end services exports ratio enhanced;From market structure look, our country to Europe and the United States, the proportion of the export market outside further ascent to 56.3%;The main structure see from trade, the private enterprise exports continued to increase, have accounted for 30.5% of total export amount;From the trade structure look way, general trade export or import whatever a growth, a proportion of 52.5% of the total amount of import and export has;From the regional structure look, the Midwest was significantly higher than the coastal provinces and cities export growth, accounting for the proportion of total export amount has been increased to nearly 12%, and a two percent increase from the previous year.
In the import and export of balance again target basically realize, trade surplus for all of drops to 155.1 billion us dollars, accounting for the proportion of GDP only 2%, accounting for less than 4.3% of the total import and export, apparently in internationally recognized trade balance standard reasonable interval.
"Fast" is concerned, ShenDanYang said, the "quick" not come easily, because last year, our country foreign trade major foreign face downturn market demands atrophy, domestic cost factors such as rising difficulties, enterprise and local Commerce Department want to a number of ways, make best efforts to make the 2011 import and export worth $3.64206 trillion, a 22.5% increase over the result, etc.
In 2012, tightening in the external and internal environment in steady increase of import and export with the great difficulties and pressure.To this, ShenDanYang stressed, Chinese foreign trade of their own original advantages and enterprise original competitiveness not happened fundamental change.At the same time, the state has taken a stable of export tax rebates, a stable exchange rate, stable processing trade policy and a series of actions, and increase the export enterprise, especially small and medium-sized enterprise support and service products.In addition, in trade facilitation also it had taken some new measures.So, despite the quarter of foreign trade will still be difficult, but believe that both export or import, should also will continue to remain stable or moderate growth.

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