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The new foreign trade is expected to come this month

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In order to speed up the foreign trade mode, the ministry of commerce will come within this month on speeding up the transformation of foreign trade growth mode guiding opinions, and to the general office of the state council issued by file form.The ministry of commerce a personage thinks, the ministry of commerce has always been concerned with the transformation of foreign trade growth mode, in order to realize China by "made in China" to "China create" transformation.It is worth noting that, from the point of view of natural resource endowment to consider and abundant Labour as China's comparative advantage, in the future a time still can't completely from, considering the problem of employment, the traditional industry still can't be give up.
Recently, the ministry of commerce to accelerate the transformation of foreign trade growth indeed is very concerned about the way, more than the ministry of commerce officials in different occasions pointed to accelerate the transformation of development mode of foreign trade.
Vice minister of commerce in zhengzhou held the zhongshan form of foreign trade forum stressed, to adapt to the new situation, the new duty requirement, must accelerate the transformation of foreign trade growth mode, it will be this year and even in the period of the development of China's foreign trade mission.
The national development and reform commission macro economic research institute of institute of foreign economic ZhangYanSheng think, "the past mode of foreign trade growth it is immeasurable qualities, just, in face of the new stage, new situation, our country foreign trade growth mode and the new requirements and tasks".
The ministry of commerce, director of the policy research LiRongCan recently in a seminar on the topic to the transformation of foreign trade growth mode to promote Chinese manufacturing to China creating changes "speech, LiRongCan points out, review in 30 years of reform and opening up, we passed the course is actually we walked a east Asia development model, that is export-led mode, the export drive economic growth, many of our policy, a lot of resources, are to trade department tilted.Therefore, at least now there are some aspects of the problem or prominent contradiction.
"The main contradiction embodied in, first of all, in recent years, China's trade friction has been increasing. Second, despite the volume of trade in our country and very large, but trade gains is limited, this is mainly embodied in the large number of Chinese processing trade, leading to the commodity core competitiveness missing."Dr. Zhang SGC energy research institute expressed.
Experts think, in the future the change in the pattern of economic growth should be paid attention to on four key.
First of all, pay attention to the balance of foreign demand and domestic demand.Foreign economics and trade university trade and economic research center director HeWeiWen think, our country the past the export generated by the foreign trade growth mode, the financial crisis led directly to the coastal areas of export enterprise by shock particularly outstanding.At the same time, the growth pattern also caused some of the error, which is to think our country insufficient domestic demand.Of course, now also is indispensable, therefore, China should need to keep the internal and external certain proportion.
Second, maintain the balance between areas of foreign trade.HeWeiWen think, China's low levels of denotative expansion way need to carry on the adjustment.Our country at present the trade pattern of overall present international trade surplus declining trend, but geographically points, China eu trade surplus is still greater.And appear the causes of the phenomenon lies in the large number of Chinese processing trade, therefore, processing trade presses for transformation and upgrade.HeWeiWen suggest that China should from the past to high pollution, of gas-guzzling extensive growth mode to intensive, high-end type growth mode transformation.
Third, are in urgent need of development to export generated development mode in domestic demand to for this, supplemented by the great powers of foreign demand change strategy.ZhangYanSheng said, encouraged the expansion of domestic demand, the export turns sale in domestic market, as the world's biggest exporter, operators should change thinking, develop its own technology, brand, the design, and so on.Zhang yan survive suggest that China should pay more attention to in the future research and development in the autonomous end products, high-end parts products in the export and import energy and equipment.
Fourth, focus on capital, and the RMB, the bank and other production system "go out".ZhangYanSheng think, China also need to be paid attention to high quality talent, elements, the introduction of innovation resources, at the same time, in going out, in addition to product besides, more should focus on capital, and the RMB, the bank and other production system "go out".Zhang yan survive points out, China in the future we should pay attention multinational company, using two market comprehensive ability, so that in the next 30 years to achieve global production trade system.

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